martes, 10 de junio de 2014


(sorry for my English, this is a kind of experiment)

Shame. Shame of going out. Shame of people looking at me. Shame of malicious words. Even more shame of not malicious words.
Tears. Tears when going out. Tears when people looking at me. Tears when malicious words. Even more tears when not malicious words.
Feeling. Feeling of a street that doesn't want me. Feeling of everybody staring at me. Feeling of people being about to say malicious words. Even more feeling of nice people accidentally hurting me.

Impotence of not being able to just run away from myself, from my body. Impotence of not being able to just destroy myself, my body. My face. This is not about being too fat or too thin. Not about fucking society. This is about myself and all my fucking mistakes that make me feel sick, useless, sad, ugly.

How I wish...

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